9 tricks up his sleeve

So I haven't blogged about my son in a while. I think I only have about 2,000 more pictures of him since the last entry. Life as a mom is getting easier. I mean, it's still the hardest job I've had and will have in all my life. But I'm relaxing a bit and really enjoying myself. Marshall makes me laugh every day and every new "trick" he learns give me the greatest satisfaction! 

Trick no. 1
He learned how to watch out the window. Yes. That's a trick. And he's good at it. I know I'm not that cute when I look out the window. 

Trick no. 2
He learned how to lift his head up while being on his tummy. Clarification: he learned this a while ago. He just recently learned how to do this trick while not crying his eyes out. A bonus trick.

Trick no. 3
He learned to like people food, or grown up people food... Except I, as an adult, would never eat this food. Rice cereal and puréed green beans. Yuck. But he likes it. Especially the face part of him. 

Trick no. 4
He knows what a cow is, and how they smell. Thanks to grandma. GRANDMA doesn't smell like a cow, she helped him meet a cow at the Cache Valley county fair.

Trick no. 5
He learned stranger danger. Stranger = anyone but mom (and sometimes dad)

Trick no. 6
He learned that uncle Jamo's head is bigger than his, but he still looks better in his hat.

Trick no. 7
He finally learned how to be Italian. 

Trick no. 8
This is an old trick, but he still loves bath time best. He could be on the edge if hysteria, but when he hears the soothing sounds of running water not far off he instantly stops crying and looks around for me, waiting to be stripped to his nothin's. (incidentally this has become my favorite part of the day to

And finally, trick no. 9 (sorry, couldn't think of another trick to make a catchy phrase like; "10 tricks my son has learned" or "10 tricks why my son is the best" or "how my son became 10 tricks better than you") 
He learned how to turn 5 MONTHS OLD! (Not sure he actually learned this, but he accomplished it with style)

Is it possible to love your kid too much? I keep telling myself I need to find something else to blog about. But since I literally eat, sleep, and breath with Marshall always by my side, he's all I can think of, which I guess, that's ok with me.


Past 2 weeks

I missed last week but I will not be deterred. This baby is growing up fast! Last week we returned from a fun fishing trip with Lee!s family, our anniversary, and the 24th of July. Biggest news of that week... Marshall went swimming for the first time in his life! He loves his baths, so I figured he'd live to swim. A swimming pool is just a huge bath tub, right? Well, he didn't scream or cry or laugh, he just floated there and kicked his legs every once in a while and then he zonked out in grandma's arms. He was probably preoccupied by the enormous amount of sunscreen I plastered on him...  

This week has been boring in comparison, except Marshall has become a pro at holding his head up high! Hooray! He sure knows how to make his mama proud. (Not hard, I think)

And for good measure, his sooo cute church outfit. It was finally not 1000 degrees, so we could dress him in something other than his diaper!!


Weekly update #4: stick it in the mouth

This week Marshall has fine tuned his flailing arms so once he grabs hold of something (usually by luck, he can't grasp very well) he stuffs it in his open mouth, usually resulting in drool all over my hair. I'll see how long I can hold out before I have to pull my hair back permanently. He still refuses to sleep without me holding him, a habit I'm working hard to break, because what is happening is a tired mom with dried spit hair who can't shower while her house falls apart around her, but is strangely content to sit and watch her little boy's face while he sleeps. 


Weekly Posts, I promise?

So! Lots and lots has happened since my last post. biggest news (at least for Lee and I): our new baby boy!
He is my pride and joy. Never knew that being a mother would change me so completely! It is a hard job to be mom, but I could not ask for a better, more fulfilling job! It also makes me realize how ungrateful I was to my own mother! So mom, thanks (times infinity!)

Other news, my big sis is now a MRS. Donovan and his son, Kyson, joined the Midgley ranks (good luck we're an interesting bunch, as Lee found out quickly). It was a great wedding, and my parents are celebrating the SECOND family wedding. Two down, three to go. (C'mon boys!)

The next big news, my kid brother has left the nest! My youngest brother, Aaron, left in June to serve his mission in the Concepcion, Chile mission. He has been in the MTC for 4 weeks! And then he's off to serve the Lord far, far away. We are very proud of him! He's going to be awesome at preaching the word!
 Which now brings me to my promise of weekly posts. I promised Aaron I would email a picture of Marshall to him every week of his mission with a short description of what my baby is up to. Also, David (my oldest bro) had a grand idea to take Marshall's picture in the same position for the whole 2 years and then do a time lapse video. So i decided to prop up my not-sitting-up-yet baby and to temporarily pin down a 11 month old I'll use the trusty BUMBO chair. We will see how this goes. first 2 weeks went smoothly. Aaron's first week in the MTC happened to be Marshall's 3 month birthday! (and then I forgot the 2nd week, my bad, messed up already!)


I uploaded a nifty photo editing app on my iPad, so I decided to share a few of them here as well.
(I just can't help taking so many pictures of this cute little boy!!)

Had to add this last one, because... just look at that baby's face. Irresistible! 



According to our blog it seems that Lee and I have skipped right on over the year 2012.  I thought before the world ends on the 21st I should provide some proof that Lee and I and were indeed present on the planet for the last 12 months. It is quite amazing what a year can do to change your life, but 2012 was that kind of year for us. What will follow is a short summary of our past year experiences.

CIMG0993.JPGJanuary brought a new year, but some sad news. I lost my last living grandparent, my Grandma Midgley. She was the kind of person that could make everyone around her laugh, feel appreciated, and loved. She raised my father, one my heroes and one of the best men I know. We have missed her and always will until we see her again.

Grandma Bendall.jpgMay brought some hard news as well. Lee lost his beloved grandmother as well. Grandma Bendall loved her grandchildren and made it plain to everyone that she thought they were hers! She was happy, full of life, and ready to give you a piece of her mind. She has been missed as well, but we'll see her again! 

These are the first funerals Lee and I have attended together. It was a great comfort to be able to mourn these wonderful women with each other. Family is very important to both Lee and I, and we are seriously blessed to be apart of such great families.

Moving along, as life does, we found a lot to be happy about after losing so much in short period of time. Our great friends, my life long best friends both got married.

June brought beautiful weather and a beautiful bride, Alisa. She married her best friend, Dustin. The day was perfect and I was happy to see her so happy!

August then brought 2 pieces of great news!!! My other best friend, Natalie, also got married to her wonderful husband, David. The wedding was wonderful! I was happy to have two great friends join the ranks of married women with me! They're joy is mine!

Also in August another good friend expanded her own family with her little son, Cooper. I haven't seen such a beautiful child, fits in great with his family!!
I could not be happier for my friend's joy!!

And now for our own joy, we are soon expecting our own son in April 2013!

My joy is growing everyday, but really I am mostly scared out of mind.  Me? A Mom? I have no idea what I am doing, but honestly I can not wait to figure it all out! Plus, I think there is one person more nervous  than me, and that's Lee! He can't wait to be a dad, but every time he thinks about having a little baby he needs to take care of he gets a look of panic on his face. We'll be fine! This little baby couldn't come to more excited and willing parents!! (and grandparents ;) I think my mom may be more excited than me, my sister as well for that matter!)

This year has brought a lot of sad and happy news (just found out that Lee's sister, Sarah, had a new arrival just today! Their new baby boy was just born!!). We feel very blessed to be living our lives and gaining all this experience! And we're excited to see what 2013 brings, maybe I'll do a yearly update next December ;) If i remember. Oh, and if the world doesn't end on the 21st.


we are thankful

 This Thanksgiving was a special one for us. We, not long ago, become an aunt and uncle. Spencer and Jamie were blessed with a small angel named Mia. Although she's been in the hospital for a tiny bit we have been able to see her, talk to her, and love her. Thank yous were abundant this past Thursday as we all thought how blessed we are to have Mia and to have a whole team of doctors and nurses that take care of her so thoughtfully.

We are also grateful for our families! We are so blessed to have families that are always helping, supporting, and thinking about us. Being far away from home is a hard thing, but we have come to understand how much our families mean to us. Being here in Logan makes seeing our family even more special.  Also, living here has given us a great opportunity to grow as a couple and to realize how much we mean to each other.
We are grateful for the church, and for Christ. What that means to us is something we can not express enough. We are blessed to be in a great ward with awesome members. We have learned so much!

All our friends, although we don't see them as often as we want, are also a very special part of our lives. We love them.

We are blessed to be surrounded by so many quality, caring friends and family.


All Hallow's Eve

Although I have no plans for what I'll dress up as on Halloween night Lee and I are bringing Halloween to our home! But not too scary, Lee doesn't like scary things. (except me, of course)