Weekly Posts, I promise?

So! Lots and lots has happened since my last post. biggest news (at least for Lee and I): our new baby boy!
He is my pride and joy. Never knew that being a mother would change me so completely! It is a hard job to be mom, but I could not ask for a better, more fulfilling job! It also makes me realize how ungrateful I was to my own mother! So mom, thanks (times infinity!)

Other news, my big sis is now a MRS. Donovan and his son, Kyson, joined the Midgley ranks (good luck we're an interesting bunch, as Lee found out quickly). It was a great wedding, and my parents are celebrating the SECOND family wedding. Two down, three to go. (C'mon boys!)

The next big news, my kid brother has left the nest! My youngest brother, Aaron, left in June to serve his mission in the Concepcion, Chile mission. He has been in the MTC for 4 weeks! And then he's off to serve the Lord far, far away. We are very proud of him! He's going to be awesome at preaching the word!
 Which now brings me to my promise of weekly posts. I promised Aaron I would email a picture of Marshall to him every week of his mission with a short description of what my baby is up to. Also, David (my oldest bro) had a grand idea to take Marshall's picture in the same position for the whole 2 years and then do a time lapse video. So i decided to prop up my not-sitting-up-yet baby and to temporarily pin down a 11 month old I'll use the trusty BUMBO chair. We will see how this goes. first 2 weeks went smoothly. Aaron's first week in the MTC happened to be Marshall's 3 month birthday! (and then I forgot the 2nd week, my bad, messed up already!)


I uploaded a nifty photo editing app on my iPad, so I decided to share a few of them here as well.
(I just can't help taking so many pictures of this cute little boy!!)

Had to add this last one, because... just look at that baby's face. Irresistible! 

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