9 tricks up his sleeve

So I haven't blogged about my son in a while. I think I only have about 2,000 more pictures of him since the last entry. Life as a mom is getting easier. I mean, it's still the hardest job I've had and will have in all my life. But I'm relaxing a bit and really enjoying myself. Marshall makes me laugh every day and every new "trick" he learns give me the greatest satisfaction! 

Trick no. 1
He learned how to watch out the window. Yes. That's a trick. And he's good at it. I know I'm not that cute when I look out the window. 

Trick no. 2
He learned how to lift his head up while being on his tummy. Clarification: he learned this a while ago. He just recently learned how to do this trick while not crying his eyes out. A bonus trick.

Trick no. 3
He learned to like people food, or grown up people food... Except I, as an adult, would never eat this food. Rice cereal and puréed green beans. Yuck. But he likes it. Especially the face part of him. 

Trick no. 4
He knows what a cow is, and how they smell. Thanks to grandma. GRANDMA doesn't smell like a cow, she helped him meet a cow at the Cache Valley county fair.

Trick no. 5
He learned stranger danger. Stranger = anyone but mom (and sometimes dad)

Trick no. 6
He learned that uncle Jamo's head is bigger than his, but he still looks better in his hat.

Trick no. 7
He finally learned how to be Italian. 

Trick no. 8
This is an old trick, but he still loves bath time best. He could be on the edge if hysteria, but when he hears the soothing sounds of running water not far off he instantly stops crying and looks around for me, waiting to be stripped to his nothin's. (incidentally this has become my favorite part of the day to

And finally, trick no. 9 (sorry, couldn't think of another trick to make a catchy phrase like; "10 tricks my son has learned" or "10 tricks why my son is the best" or "how my son became 10 tricks better than you") 
He learned how to turn 5 MONTHS OLD! (Not sure he actually learned this, but he accomplished it with style)

Is it possible to love your kid too much? I keep telling myself I need to find something else to blog about. But since I literally eat, sleep, and breath with Marshall always by my side, he's all I can think of, which I guess, that's ok with me.

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