Past 2 weeks

I missed last week but I will not be deterred. This baby is growing up fast! Last week we returned from a fun fishing trip with Lee!s family, our anniversary, and the 24th of July. Biggest news of that week... Marshall went swimming for the first time in his life! He loves his baths, so I figured he'd live to swim. A swimming pool is just a huge bath tub, right? Well, he didn't scream or cry or laugh, he just floated there and kicked his legs every once in a while and then he zonked out in grandma's arms. He was probably preoccupied by the enormous amount of sunscreen I plastered on him...  

This week has been boring in comparison, except Marshall has become a pro at holding his head up high! Hooray! He sure knows how to make his mama proud. (Not hard, I think)

And for good measure, his sooo cute church outfit. It was finally not 1000 degrees, so we could dress him in something other than his diaper!!

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