According to our blog it seems that Lee and I have skipped right on over the year 2012.  I thought before the world ends on the 21st I should provide some proof that Lee and I and were indeed present on the planet for the last 12 months. It is quite amazing what a year can do to change your life, but 2012 was that kind of year for us. What will follow is a short summary of our past year experiences.

CIMG0993.JPGJanuary brought a new year, but some sad news. I lost my last living grandparent, my Grandma Midgley. She was the kind of person that could make everyone around her laugh, feel appreciated, and loved. She raised my father, one my heroes and one of the best men I know. We have missed her and always will until we see her again.

Grandma Bendall.jpgMay brought some hard news as well. Lee lost his beloved grandmother as well. Grandma Bendall loved her grandchildren and made it plain to everyone that she thought they were hers! She was happy, full of life, and ready to give you a piece of her mind. She has been missed as well, but we'll see her again! 

These are the first funerals Lee and I have attended together. It was a great comfort to be able to mourn these wonderful women with each other. Family is very important to both Lee and I, and we are seriously blessed to be apart of such great families.

Moving along, as life does, we found a lot to be happy about after losing so much in short period of time. Our great friends, my life long best friends both got married.

June brought beautiful weather and a beautiful bride, Alisa. She married her best friend, Dustin. The day was perfect and I was happy to see her so happy!

August then brought 2 pieces of great news!!! My other best friend, Natalie, also got married to her wonderful husband, David. The wedding was wonderful! I was happy to have two great friends join the ranks of married women with me! They're joy is mine!

Also in August another good friend expanded her own family with her little son, Cooper. I haven't seen such a beautiful child, fits in great with his family!!
I could not be happier for my friend's joy!!

And now for our own joy, we are soon expecting our own son in April 2013!

My joy is growing everyday, but really I am mostly scared out of mind.  Me? A Mom? I have no idea what I am doing, but honestly I can not wait to figure it all out! Plus, I think there is one person more nervous  than me, and that's Lee! He can't wait to be a dad, but every time he thinks about having a little baby he needs to take care of he gets a look of panic on his face. We'll be fine! This little baby couldn't come to more excited and willing parents!! (and grandparents ;) I think my mom may be more excited than me, my sister as well for that matter!)

This year has brought a lot of sad and happy news (just found out that Lee's sister, Sarah, had a new arrival just today! Their new baby boy was just born!!). We feel very blessed to be living our lives and gaining all this experience! And we're excited to see what 2013 brings, maybe I'll do a yearly update next December ;) If i remember. Oh, and if the world doesn't end on the 21st.


  1. Rachel your little boy is very cute- I can tell already! I'm so excited to meet him!!

  2. Yay an update! We are SO excited for your new little man. You will be a great mom!! We miss you guys-hopefully we"ll get to see you while you are up here. Love & hugs!!