Yellerstone: Gotta Have Me Some Yellowstone

Presidents Day weekend has now become a annual hooray for my family, the Anderson Family, and the Lillywhite family up in West Yellowstone, accompanied by snowmobiles, games, hot tubs, and my favorite (and ironically my least favorite)... lots of food! With snow banks 3 feet taller than Andrei Kirilenko walking down the street in West Yellowstone is similar to walking in the north pole with Kris Kringle, Rudolph, Frosty,...
...and McDonald's, but there is some definite good shopping!
As you can see from my stylish pants.
(Yes, the one's with Yellowstone on the butt)

We had a blast, how could you not surrounded by food, games, the Bourne trilogy, hottubs, and machines that drive really fast on snow? It all makes winter just a little more bearable.

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