Happy New Year!

so.... Mitch.
It's all his fault.

10:00 pm new. years. EVE! My sweet, sweet husband's best friend called and invited us to go skiing the next morning... at 8... AM. And Lee decided to say yes.
Well, naturally I had a problem with this. 8 am on a day that I desperately wanted to sleep in, and then go snowboarding!?! (yeah, i don't ski...) And I am not a very good snow sport person, surprising? Maybe. But it's the truth!
So reluctantly I agreed and gathered my snow pants I once paid good money for and have worn, hmmm, twice. BUT, they look good, and I look good in them! AH HA!
Anywazzz... we drove down to Provo (i know, i know) and went to Sundance Resort. and guess what?!?
I had fun! :) and I think I've gotten better since I last went.
And Lee's pretty good at skiing, although he does SKI. (which we decided that even the most inexperienced snowboarder looks cooler than the best skier, sorry...)

Well, that's my story.

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