Hike, anyone?

So, I am really bad at posting on the blog... or there might be another reason my last post was a while ago... NOTHING happens in Logan, unless you make it happen. Work demands much of our time but our night are free to... watch TV (gotta  love America's Got Talent), search for coupons, and read (to Lee's dismay, he didn't fully realize what I meant by "I read a lot" before we got married, so sorry... but not really). So when we try to make exciting things happen we usually spend most of our time trying to figure out how to make it free...like hiking!! Logan is full of hikes just ready to be trod upon. Our first hike, which was shared with Mitch, Jen, and Mitch's little brothers (Nathan and Nicholas), was a short hike up the mountain to the windcaves, which, you guessed it!, are caves that were made by the wind! They were neat...and windy.

Our next hike was just last Saturday, of which we never took pictures, duh! But I'll tell the story anyway. We waited until I was off of work at 1 and then took off up Logan Canyon and tried to find the trail head to "Old Ephraim's Grave" which was off the paved road on a BuMpYdirt road, in my Hyundai no less. After 4 U-turns, one 6 point turn, driving through a scout camp full of church people, and blindly following a pair of old people in sandals we found our trail head, parked the car, and begun to walk. We soon realized the rushing rivers of Utah included the one that crossed our path. Big frowny face! :( Undeterred (unlike the couple in flip-flops) we found a log that crossed the distance from shore to shore across the raging river in which Lee scooted (yes, scooted) across the log, and I walked effortlessly across (naturally). We continued on the trail for another hour an a half through dense forest, mountain peaks, muddy ponds, and a large field that hissed at us (of which I nearly stepped on 2 snakes!!). And, while on this trek of ours we have crossed no other human soul (excepting the sandal couple). Now let me tell you about Old Ephraim and his famous grave, for it is essential to how we felt about this little adventure of ours. Old Ephraim was a...bear. Yes, an enormous ten foot sheep eating bear, the last of his kind murdered by a farmer back in the 1800's.  Some people thought to erect a large monument in the middle of no where, a place where this farmer hiked to have his revenge of the bear that killed many of his livestock so people (like us) would hike to visit the legend of Old Ephraim. SO! We were traipsing through snake and mosquito infested forest risking our lives to visit a Bear's grave. Needless to say after 2 hours of hiking we turned around, only making it half way to the hallowed dead-bear ground. Sad we didn't make it to the end? Yes. Even happier to be back in my car driving home with air conditioning, big YES!

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