Turkey Day!

I have never been one to fill up on Thanksgiving Day. I mean, turkey... yams... potatoes... stuffing... cranberry sauce... PIE! BLEH! I like zero of the essential foods of this marvelous holiday. BUT, i do like the rolls...and the family.

 Lee and I drove up Parley's canyon to enjoy a -12 degree night in our stake property with his Matheson family. Loads of people, loads of food, loads of card games, and loads of fun :)

We then ventured back down to the Midgley housefold on the big thurs-day where we found some Turkey Day dinner (which is convientely a half dinner half lunch at 2pm) with my whole extended Mendenhall side. About a billion people were in attendance in the living room. It was pretty packed. But it was fun! The nap we took after was even better. But that was about all we did. Then, it was back to work the next day. Just great. But we appreciate any break from school and work, no matter how s h o r t.


  1. Hey I need your Email address to send you an invite to my blog!! :)

  2. Sorry we missed you on Thanksgiving but glad you are now blogging again!